Niigata Fish Food

Pond Liners EPDM (124)

Liner Underlayment (177)

Fountains (33)

Pond & Lake (130)

Pond Filtration (78)

Pond Installation (89)

Pond & Waterfall Kits (13)

Pond Lighting (94)

Pond Maintenance (73)

Pond Skimmers (44)

Pond Treatments (71)

Pond-Free (15)

Pumps (168)

Weirs/Spillways (69)

UV Clarifiers (146)

Clearance (45)

Rock Covers (9)

Tranquil Décor (34)


AKT Specialty is a wholesale water gardening distributor for PondGard Pond Liners and Koi hobbyist supplies. We offer the finest water gardening products and accessories to qualified dealers who insist on the best for their customers. From PondGard pond liners, filtration systems and pumps to fountains, lighting, and chemicals, we have everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful water garden. Our pre-engineered pond kits make it simple for customers to get quality results. For those who want to add a living element to their pond, we also offer aquatic plant fertilizers and fish food specially designed to promote long-lasting growth, health, and vitality.

AKT Specialty has been family-owned and operated since 1993. Through the years, we have earned a reputation for superior customer service that focuses on courtesy and efficiency. Our dedicated staff calls on decades of combined experience to knowledgeably answer all of your questions and help with your wholesale water gardening needs.

Our goal is to provide dealers with the finest products and information so they can help their customers achieve the ultimate water gardening experience. If you need any assistance, we will be happy to answer your questions.