Filter Systems

Filtration is one of the most important elements of your system. The filter not only removes debris but, more importantly, your filter converts toxic substances into harmless ones.

Three Stages of Filteration

A good system is of key importance in keeping your water crystal-clear and free of chemical pollutants. Our filter line is designed to meet a wide range of needs, for both large and small ponds. Our line of Savio filter systems, Cyprio and Ultima II units provide the three types of filtration, and these are:

  • Biological Filter - biological is the most important. This process removes toxins.
  • Mechanical Filter - A mechanical system removes debris such as leaves.
  • Chemical Filter - A chemical system removes chemicals such as chlorine, etc.

Mechanical Filter Systems: Refers to the physical removal of debris from water by materials that trap large and small particles. Polyester Pre-Filteration Pads last longer and work better that other pre-filteration products, even after several cleanings.

Chemical Filter Systems: Chemical filtration removes pesticides, colors, odors, organic waste, excess nutrients and other harmful chemicals from your ponds. Coconut Shell carbon, Zeolite are examples of products to be used for chemical filtration.

Biological Filter Systems: Biological filtration is where your system provides a place for beneficial bacteria to grow on special media. The system focuses the growth of bacteria. These bacteria remove harmful pollutants,through a natural process, from pond water. Known as the " Bio Filtration " or " bio reactors " these beneficial bacteria convert poisonous compounds such as ammonia and nitrite, into less toxic nitrate. The end by-product, nitrate, is used as a food source by aquatic plants. This continuous process is called the nitrogen cycle. This type may be the most important filtration process in a system containing koi or goldfish.

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